This area contains the following activities:

  • Spirituality
  • Sri Aurobindo & Mother
  • Indian Culture
  • Primary & secondary education
  • Self Development
  • Professional Training
  • Environmental Education
  • Language

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Education and research

Its visionary goals and ideals  and its multi-cultural society make of Auroville a unique place for research in lifelong education.

The possibilities to collaborate in educational activities to do research, to assist teachers, to attend a workshop or training are numerous.

Art and sports, libraries and languages labs, awareness programs and vocational training provide multiple opportunities.

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Not all of the following units are presently offering learning opportunities, only those who provide Internship or Voluntary Missions (IV), Training possibilities (T) or Research Projects (R) are interactive links. Click on the Unit name to know more.



Sri Aurobindo & Mother

Indian Culture

  • Center for Indian Culture 

Primary & Secondary education

  • Aikiyam School
  • Deepam
  • Deepanam School
  • Ilaignarkal School
  • Isai Ambalam School
  • Kindergarten
  • Nandanam Kindergarten
  • New Creation Sports Ground
  • New Era Secondary School (NESS)
  • New School Crafts
  • Newcolors Afterschool
  • The Learning Community (TLC)
  • Transition School
  • Udavi School 


Environmental Education

Professional Training


  • Auroville Language Laboratory