This area contains the following activities:

  • Social enterprise
  • Crafts & Textile
  • Community services
  • Orientation & Hospitality
  • Community-based economy

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Services & Manufacturing

Given Auroville’s vision of manifesting spirit in matter, our handicrafts and small-scale industries aim at quality, beauty and creativity; they are committed to manufacturing products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Connected with the world’s economic system, Auroville small scale industries are influenced to a certain extent by global market forces. But they are quite unique in that ownership because profit is not the primary goal. They operate as a service to the growing township.

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Social Enterprise

Crafts, Textiles & Fashion

  • Auro Rachana
  • Auromics (sweaters)
  • Auromode (Clothes)
  • Bijou (Jewels)
  • Cloud Flower Creations
  • Flame (Pottery)
  • Gecko (Clothes)
  • Kratu’s Workshop (Pottery)
  • Magica
  • Mandala Pottery
  • Mantra (Pottery)
  • Maroma (Cosmetics – Incense)
  • Matrigold (Jewels)
  • Shradhanjali (Interior design)
  • The Colours Of Nature (Natural dyes)
  • White Peacock Studio (Pottery)

Community Services

  • Accessible Auroville
  • Eco Service 
  • Housing service
  • Koodam mediation
  • L’avenir d’Auroville – Town Development Council
  • Roads and Cycle Paths
  • Working Committee
  • Matrimandir Access & Maintenance

Orientation & Hospitality

  • Afsanah Guest House
  • Aspiration Guest House
  • Centre Guest House
  • Gaia’s Garden Guest House
  • Guest Service
  • Inside India
  • International House
  • Joy Guest house
  • Meera Youth Camp
  • Naturellement Restaurant
  • New Creation Guest House
  • Samasti Guest House
  • Visitors Centre – Information centre
  • Visitors Centre – Right Path Café

Community-based Economy

  • Auroville Bakery
  • Coffee Ideas
  • Foodlink Distribution centre
  • Freeland Bookshop
  • Kalki boutique
  • La Boutique d’Auroville
  • Pour Tous Distribution Centre
  • Solar Kitchen