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Duration: 6 months

Daily Tasks

Stock-take in Tamarind’s outlets (AV site visits, e-mail communication), Packaging, Quality control, Delivery of products to AV outlets - Updating and developing social media – facebook, Instagram, website - Marketing and sourcing new customers - package development with designer.

Skills gained

Bakery management. Opportunity to experience Auroville and interactions with its communities.

Opportunity Description

Context or Need 
We see huge potential in reaching out with our products, both within AV and outside in wider India, and to bring more efficiency into the functioning of the bakery. We clearly see the potential of another person’s input to bring additional energy to this beautiful project. Long term plans include setup of tea and bakes cafe.
Goals and expected outcomes
The goal would be to make the functioning of the bakery more efficient and to focus on marketing the products on a wider scale. The outcome would be a smoother functioning and broadening Tamarind’s client base.
We will cover the volunteer contribution to Auroville. Further, Partial fuel reimbursement can be given as per mutual agreement.
lodging:  the bakery is situated in evergreen where we have several spaces reserved for volunteers. Prices vary according to the type of space.



Morning hours 8.30 am to 12.30 pm
Afternoon hours


Experience in the bakery business would be welcome. Experience in Social media marketing and website design, as well as good communication skills would be a definite plus.

Language skills

Software skills

Number of volunteers needed: 1