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Research, study center on sustainable development in Auroville


History & Today’s organization:

Auroservice is dedicated to quality research on the planning and development of Auroville as a sustainable township. Auroservice started operating as a technical office for Auroville’s resources development, providing technical support to a number of projects and programs. Project management, project writing, project consultancy, media and publication support, have been the main areas of work. 


Vision & Missions:

Auroservice aims to contribute to Auroville by keeping a global vision of its sustainable development, and the aim to respect and cooperate with nature. 

We are currently working on a development plan of the lands outside the Auroville green belt, where buildings must be integrated into the natural environmental in an optimal way.


Leaders & Team: 

Our team is composed of 6 people including volunteers. 




Location:Town Hall, Auroville, 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

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