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Auroville Radio TV

Auroville Radio TV

History and today’s organisation.

This service started in 2004 and was an initiative of Andrea Tazzari.

 AurovilleRadio produces programs that foster communication, regardless of cultural differences. We aspire to create and nurture communication within Auroville, and to serve as a bridge of communication between Auroville, the surrounding villages, and the world.

AurovilleRadio invites the involvement of all people interested in the project of exploring, developing communication and creating valuable content, to connect and link between different cultures. We are looking for talent in communication, media, audio recording, editing and production, journalism, music and web managing.


Vision and Missions


Stream live contents, produce podcasts recorded in and out the radio studio.


Leaders & Team


The Radio is now managed by Stefano who’s a sound engineer and videomaker. Staff member are periodically changing, activities and number of members depends on the availability of volunteers.


Location:Town Hall

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