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Multimedia Centre/Cinema Paradiso

Multimedia Centre/Cinema Paradiso


The Multimedia Centre (MMC), also known as ‘”Cinema Paradiso'”, is an auditorium in Town Hall that regularly hosts films, lectures and presentations. A film is screened there almost every night, as detailed in the News & Notes. Several times a year it is also host to a film festival on a special theme, such as the Earth Day celebrations. The venue’s 120 seat capacity has shown to be a good size to host the average number of people showing up for any one of the wide range of offerings.

The cinema receives a budget under City Services to assist in its running expenses, but has also been supported with generous donations. The cultural events held there are open and free to attend.

It organizes the Auroville Film Festival every 2 years.

The aim of the Auroville Film Festival is to connect with people and cultures within and beyond Auroville and to further the aspiration of human unity by showcasing films that develop the theme of human unity. We feature films that are created in and around Auroville, as well as international films that explore the topic of human unity.

The Auroville Film Festival wants to turn fim-viewing in Auroville, a relative passive activity, into a creative expression using digital media and, in the process, to foster a deeper understanding and exploration of the aspiration of Auroville. Through the Film Festival, the community is engaged in an interactive expression through digital films.







Location:Taichi Hall, Sharnga, Auroville 605101

Opportunities at Multimedia Centre/Cinema Paradiso

Daily tasks: The volunteer will go through the Cannes Film Directory under the guidance of Nilen Jha and will have to google certain directors and read synopses of their films produced since 2014. Out of that, s/he will list the films that can fit in Auroville Film Festival category that develop the theme of human unity.

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