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Revelation Forest

Revelation Forest

Forestry, watershed management, plant and fruit nursery.


History & Today’s organization:

The Revelation Community has worked on the rehabilitation of the tropical dry evergreen on these 80 acres since 1978. Today, Revelation has become a expansive forest, a sanctuary for wild life, where rare and endangered species have naturally returned. It it also home to a nursery for growing plants and fruit trees. Water conservation techniques have long been implemented, various building techniques have been experimented and work on construction is currently underway. 

he holistic conservation comprising of soil, water, biodiversity and knowledge. The expansive forest that has grown from a desertic red lateric soil may today stand as a model for eco-restoration and we aim to further use it as a tool for education, specifically towards our volunteers. 

Vision & Missions:

Our  main activities are maintaining the forest and protecting the indigenous species.

Leaders & Team:

A team of volunteers works with the two stewards of the land. 





Location:Revelation, Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Revelation Forest

Daily tasks: The volunteers will participate in building capsules (similar to pyramid shaped hut, with palm leaf roofing, raised on pillars). Besides, they will be involved in cleaning the forest, preparing the plantation of saplings, water harvesting and gardening.