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Giving all info for students to prepare their stay in AV, intercrossing candidates applications with Hosting units’ opportunities, ensuring a follow-up of their activities; Savi is building website, a portal for all types of learning opportunities.


Unit History & Vision:

Savi (meaning key in Tamil) has a 12 years experience of introducing and following-up students and well-wishers interested to live an Auroville experience. It plays a role of interface for the community to find helpfull energies, and for people eager to participate in Auroville life, to be assisted before, during and after their stay, and have a meaningful experience.


Location:Unity Pavilion, International Zone - Auroville 605101

Opportunities at Savi

at Savi
Daily tasks: Field work: contacting Units of Auroville; gather documents, info and data about their activities, their projects in the field of education and research; meeting coordinators, complete missing information; then in Savi office, compile info in Excel database.

Workshops & Training

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