Volunteer experiences

Marina, volunteering until August 2016, published a movie on YouTube about her experience.

How can you start?

So, you are inspired to come in Auroville and have a first hand experience?

Our suggestions are:

Fine tune and focus your inquiry by:

  1. Browsing the available  opportunities on our website. Also explore the pages of the Auroville website for any information related to your field of interest.
  2. Signing up and getting a login to have a complete view of all the available possibilities.


Start the application process by filling out the form and creating your profile

  1. Submit your detailed request through the “Internship&Volunteer Profile Registration”;
  2. The Savi team will match your interests with opportunities on file and furnish you with a range of opportunities to explore;
  3. This will initiate varied email exchanges between yourself and the concerned units; you will come to an agreement and define the functional details of the stay.

Prepare for your stay

  1. If a visa is required, get acquainted with the visa formalitiesand prepare it carefully, for it might take some time to get the documents prepared;
  2. Find accommodation, book in advance, explore the specificities of Auroville’s financial requirements in order to plan your budget.
  3. Cast a eye at our recommendations before packing.

Arriving in Auroville and after

  1. Upon arrival, in the first day, enjoy the delight of the registration process…
  2. Savi team is waiting to welcome and orientate you in the first steps of your life in Auroville,
  3. Find your hosting unit,
  4. Along the way, throughout your stay, the Savi team offers assistance in your learning journey.

Leaving Auroville

At the end of the Auroville stay, Savi would like to have a final interview with you to get your final feedback, and conclude your journey with an appraisal of your experience.