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Attend a workshop/training or event?

Auroville offers many workshops and training. Vocational, personal development, environmental awareness, spiritual knowledge, or else, workshops and training ranging from 1 or 2 days a week until several days. For up to date informations regarding workshops/training or events please check:


Auroville: a place of Karma Yoga and Unending Education:

“Unending Education is one of the most rewarding, inspiring things here. It’s not the only one, but it is constantly there. It is part of Aurovilles nature. “ 

“Our programs are facilitating an exploration of  inner and external knowledge and experience”.

“Auroville is a place where most of the learnings happens while doing Karma Yoga”.

“Learning while doing is the foundation of Unending Education; Karma Yoga is selfless service to the community in the spirit of Yoga and selfgiving….it is a great tool of practicing awarness, focus and improves ones skills.”

“The wide diversity of activities that Auroville offers is sometimes overwhelming….in a positive way.. 🙂 “