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Auroville offers many workshops and training. Vocational, personal development, environmental awareness, spiritual knowledge, or else, workshops and training ranging from 1 or 2 days a week until several days. The modules presented in this site are those led and facilitated by Auroville speakers and contributors. A large number of other classes and workshops are also proposed by qualified external trainers; their offers are available in the weekly bulletin News & Notes.

Auroville Educators:


“Unending Education is one of the most rewarding, inspiring things here. It’s not the only one but it is constantly there. It is part of my nature. “ 


“Our programs are facilitating exchanges of inner and external knowledge and experience”.


“What we are trying slowly to get into is to have the mind being involved, but also the hands and the heart; this is a permanent exploration”.


“Research and Education are the main ideas of the Charter our project is relating to. Research aspect of the project is very practical, as we try to find improvements on a very common reality of women taking care of their material environment; it is a project of experimental unending education, a way to discover new forms; it goes much further than a mere knowledge transmission, it is a mentality changing factor which may introduce evolutions in these women’s life”.