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Auroville offers plenty of short programs ranging from one or two days workshops to programs lasting many weeks or months. Contents of these programs vary from self-development, social development, sustainability, appropriate technologies, healing or arts. These programs are only doorways to enter and immerse in the field of Auroville where your experience naturally goes beyond the framework of specific programs.


Auroville Campus Platform offers a website exclusively dedicated to the educational opportunities in Auroville:


On this Platform students can find learning opportunities, particularly courses and programs, offered out of Auroville all in one-place to develop themselves inwardly, build their skills and capacities, and learn about several domains of knowledge, all by hands-on learning. The platform also allows students to view the “Auroville Learning Labs” that are offering these courses, and seek to apprentice with them. Events happening in Auroville are also integrated within the platform. Through the Platform, students can begin to self-design their learning journeys in Auroville by combining different learning opportunities: courses, events, apprenticeships etc.


The Platform is being developed and maintained by Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI), the Department of Further Learning of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER) Auroville. The programmes listed here are offered by various teams of Auroville and not necessarily by ACI or SAIIER unless it is specified.

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Other relevant websites for Auroville events:


Auroville: a place of Karma Yoga and Unending Education:

“Unending Education is one of the most rewarding, inspiring things here. It’s not the only one, but it is constantly there. It is part of Aurovilles nature. “ 

“Our programs are facilitating an exploration of  inner and external knowledge and experience”.

“Auroville is a place where most of the learnings happens while doing Karma Yoga”.

“Learning while doing is the foundation of Unending Education; Karma Yoga is selfless service to the community in the spirit of Yoga and selfgiving….it is a great tool of practicing awarness, focus and improves ones skills.”

“The wide diversity of activities that Auroville offers is sometimes overwhelming….in a positive way.. 🙂 “