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19 Opportunities for area : Construction & Materials

Daily tasks: The Volunteer will have to write reports on specific projects, articles, even brochures with the help of the people in charge of the public relations, in order to raise funds to create the school.
Daily tasks: A training workshop will be provided. Thereupon, numerous challenges will be identified as designing/experimenting/implementing numerous furniture design projects. A time bound project will be chosen for the volunteer in keeping with the community and bamboo Center's vision. The daily tasks can be devised by the volunteer accordingly.
Daily tasks: Use existing documentation of the progress of the project, the various contraction experiments, to create pedagogical documents describing the evolution and learnings of our project. The goal is to provide smart documentation to brief those who continuously join the project.
Daily tasks: Set up the Auroville Earth Institute laboratory to permit accurate analysis of soils. Use the equipment and determine what is missing, prepare protocols to use the equipment, make tests on different types of soil composition so they can be used in the AV Earth Institute machines. Give training to the local team.
Daily tasks: Designing and realizing 8 educational videos of about 20 mn in English (and then in Tamil). Topics are technological issues such as block making, building CSEB walls, handling of the machine, soil identification.
Daily tasks: Design and update a website or a blog in order to promote the project. Take pictures of the site and constructions, destinated to the site. Create and fill a database containing the prices of the materials used in the project. Create a real time interface displaying the evolution of the prices, through our website.
Daily tasks: Going regularly to the sites and getting information and pictures about the construction or production process to update the website. Create a brochure about CSEB production and usage on construction. Assist with the organisation of workshops about our constructing techniques once or twice per month.