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17 Opportunities for area : Integral Health

Daily tasks: Assistance for the establishment of the social enterprise: marketing strategy, development and actions plans. Consolidate the initial work. Defining outreach media and modalities. Assist in the preparation of workshops, conferences and training sessions. Communication and Social Media. Update our data base and follow up of our contacts.
Daily tasks: Organising exixting data on various outreach programs conducted by Dental Centre- Collating information of the activities and photographs. Based on the above, to formulate social media message, emails, presentations and graphical representations and follow ups. To gather fund raising material.
Daily tasks: Coordinating Hygiene Program at AV food processing units, eateries and school and guest houses and Senior Home care, either at individual homes of the seniors or at Marika Home (which functions as a Senior Home for max. 5 seniors)
Daily tasks: • Delivering a comprehensive fundraising strategy and work-plan; • Developing and deepening existing donor relationships; • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive fundraising database; • Coordinating with project leaders and scheduling their visits/interactions with potential donors • Coordinating communication with donors and funders; • Researching trusts, foundations, grants and CSR opportunities; • Coordinating funding and grant applications; • Keeping track of changing donor priorities.
Daily tasks: Carry out interviews with health practitioners : find out the modalities of each one's practice, its lengths, purposes, benefits...Write 2-3 pages of text of each, analysing the practices and not the individuals. Two or three interviews should be scheduled per week.
Daily tasks: • Planning and executing marketing and communications strategies and promoting the organisation and its programs;  • Supporting and coordinating with project lead and internal teams for planning, organising and execution of various events as well as marketing and communications initiatives;  • Developing and publishing content for blogs, press releases, newsletters, web sites and promotional videos; • Preparing and proofreading marketing communication collaterals, including promotional materials, marketing emails, social media posts; • Assisting with coordination of media outreach & coverage with media releases, pitching stories to local and regional media and monitoring media coverage;   • Develop/maintain social media profiles and quality content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.