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6 Opportunities for area : Land & water preservation

Daily tasks: Maintain 16 acres of land (cutting the bushes, organizing and beautifying the garden, maintaining the kitchen garden); Painting & maintaining the buildings; work on the collective organization of the community and the accommodation of guests.
Daily tasks: Follow-up and development of existing gardens of the Matrimandir. Develop technical drawings of the gardens and plantations, plan out the planting. and planning for the plantation.
at AquaDyn
Daily tasks: Travel in and around the Auroville bio-region. Interview villagers and Aurovillians. Record testimonials and data about health and water quality.
at AquaDyn
Daily tasks: Research & Development of water technical systems. Create computer drawings of Aqua Dyn systems.
Daily tasks: Helping in the preparation of organic inputs, for pest and disease control, and in nutrient management. Care and maintenance of the existing plants and green spaces. Continous beautification and harmonizing of the Matrimandir area in a 100 % chemical free environment.