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8 Opportunities for area : Languages

Daily tasks: The task is to manipulate sanskrit data on a computer software, extracting it from large encyclopedic sources to feed into various forms of outputs : the sanskrit dictionary, posters or learning portals. The volunteer will work with ancient sanskrit texts, the written marks of ancient oral traditions.
Daily tasks: Learning programs which help to complete the work. 3D class for one of the projects eg. Writing for web content (redo website). Team work with web designer and creative designer. Books, audio and video. Take responsibility for bringing projects to completion. eg multi-language dictionary with sketches/paintings by AV artist. Systems co-ordination.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will be in contact with people for various activities (conference, booking of venues, posters) and will be in charge of secretarial tasks like e-mail, letters, report meeting and all kind of activities linked with the organization.
Daily tasks: Illustrative works for online representation of educational & research information on Sanskrit. Initial training and vision will be imparted in details. Thereafter, work autonomously with weekly inputs/follow ups from the team.