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6 Opportunities for area : Media Communication

Daily tasks: Long in advance before the performances' dates, these assistants will have to identify and categorize the various projected events related to the 50th Celebrations in preparation in Auroville - then visit their project holders and collect data about their expectations - some follow-up and coordination might be needed, and during the events, carrying surveys, counting attendance, and collecting feedback - finally, assisting Dave in the facilitation of a participatory evaluation workshop.
Daily tasks: The aim is to develop an internet-based tool that links residents with external interested people. A first Facebook page named "Cité Universelle" was created. It needs to be supported, developed, actualized and given value and visibility. - Information collect with contents and photos - administration of the pages, - making it attractive with internal networking, connections research, events organization.
Daily tasks: Analyse present state of marketing policies, propose new strategies & new outlets for the marketing of our products.