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5 Opportunities for area : Professional & vocational Training

Daily tasks: Give lessons at the circus to children and adults in one these practices : acrobatics, air, gymnastic, dance, theatre, acro-yoga - in order to create a very physical show. It would be preferable but not necessary if the volunteer could join and support meetings during which we design future shows, plan out their technical aspects, set designs, costumers and flyers.
Daily tasks: Team work with web designer and creative designer. Layouts for Books, audio and video. Take responsibility for bringing projects to completion. eg multi-language dictionary with sketches/paintings by AV artist. Systems co-ordination. Page layouts and design,
Daily tasks: Teaching your language in class, preparing classes, interacting with students, answering student questions, following students progress individually. Recreating materials for your language as appropriate.
Daily tasks: Fashion design elements of creating designs, quality control, measurement techniques, cutting methods, taking work orders and completing them. Homework tasks and checking them.