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6 Opportunities for type : Audio and visual engineering

Daily tasks: To go through our slide collection and sorting them in the chronological order. this will require working with hands with sensitive material as films and slides, handle material as colour slides or negative film strips from the archive cool room, select material for a working day, inspect and clean them from dust with the brush and the air blower, put material in film holders for scanning, place material in the book for flattering.
Daily tasks: • Brainstorm and present creative ideas for video shoot; • Filming variety of events including workshops, seminars and projects; • Editing videos and include sound effects; • Generate and insert screen text according to the theme and concept of the video; • Encode and output videos for online video hosting and social media networks.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will go through the Cannes Film Directory under the guidance of Nilen Jha and will have to google certain directors and read synopses of their films produced since 2014. Out of that, s/he will list the films that can fit in Auroville Film Festival category that develop the theme of human unity.
Daily tasks: Create visual material, for different types of public. Supporting the documenting and outreach activities. Managing the relationship with Auroville social media, and the general media Organize and manage the visual material in the website and youtube account.
Daily tasks: Designing and realizing 8 educational videos of about 20 mn in English (and then in Tamil). Topics are technological issues such as block making, building CSEB walls, handling of the machine, soil identification.