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10 Opportunities for type : Communication & outreach

Daily tasks: Different activities/ helping hand can be identified ranging from paper cutting ,card board cutting ,  gluing , trimming, painting etc. The WELL women will instruct and take forward the volunteer , step by step as the ability grows with the passage of time and mutual trust develops. The WELL women will decide the timing of your gradual stages of involvement in the production. Many additional opportunities can also be taken up at WELL by the volunteer with  gardening , compound maintenance , store room help , packing and parceling help ,photos up loading , empowerment classes etc.  A Volunteer is also free to explore other activities and suggest new ideas of generating income for the WELL women empowerment program.
Daily tasks: Organising exixting data on various outreach programs conducted by Dental Centre- Collating information of the activities and photographs. Based on the above, to formulate social media message, emails, presentations and graphical representations and follow ups. To gather fund raising material.
Daily tasks: • Planning and executing marketing and communications strategies and promoting the organisation and its programs;  • Supporting and coordinating with project lead and internal teams for planning, organising and execution of various events as well as marketing and communications initiatives;  • Developing and publishing content for blogs, press releases, newsletters, web sites and promotional videos; • Preparing and proofreading marketing communication collaterals, including promotional materials, marketing emails, social media posts; • Assisting with coordination of media outreach & coverage with media releases, pitching stories to local and regional media and monitoring media coverage;   • Develop/maintain social media profiles and quality content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will go through the Cannes Film Directory under the guidance of Nilen Jha and will have to google certain directors and read synopses of their films produced since 2014. Out of that, s/he will list the films that can fit in Auroville Film Festival category that develop the theme of human unity.
Daily tasks: We have a daily program of sports and physical education. The volunteer may be generally interested in sports or may have a special skill in football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, athletics and gymnastics (swimming). The sports program is 6 days a week, for 2 hours Monday to Saturday, 3 PM to 5 PM. The volunteer will be expected to conduct classes for a group of students. the volunteer should prepare earlier in the day the format and activities mentioned in consultation with a senior teacher.
Daily tasks: We offer various arts and crafts to our children. We have full-time teachers for tailoring, clay work, theatre work, music and singing, and dance. We invite volunteers who have skills to share them with our students. The schedule of classes will be adjusted to find time for the skills being offered by the volunteer.
Daily tasks: Going regularly to the sites and getting information and pictures about the construction or production process to update the website. Create a brochure about CSEB production and usage on construction. Assist with the organisation of workshops about our constructing techniques once or twice per month.