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10 Opportunities for type : Craftsmanship

Daily tasks: Build the houses core structure, undertake repairs and finishing touches.
Daily tasks: Volunteers & Interns have quite similar role while working in our bamboo community. They will be given after a proper guidance and an opportunity to attend one of our workshops, different challenges of designing/ making/ experimenting/executing numerous Carpentry projects as required for the community and in keeping with Bamboo Centre’s vision.
Daily tasks: Different activities/ helping hand can be identified ranging from paper cutting ,card board cutting ,  gluing , trimming, painting etc. The WELL women will instruct and take forward the volunteer , step by step as the ability grows with the passage of time and mutual trust develops. The WELL women will decide the timing of your gradual stages of involvement in the production. Many additional opportunities can also be taken up at WELL by the volunteer with  gardening , compound maintenance , store room help , packing and parceling help ,photos up loading , empowerment classes etc.  A Volunteer is also free to explore other activities and suggest new ideas of generating income for the WELL women empowerment program.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Fashion design and styling. Pattern design and embroidery. Clothing design, pattern making and embroidery. Photoshoot organisation. Some written communication.
Daily tasks: The volunteers will participate in building capsules (similar to pyramid shaped hut, with palm leaf roofing, raised on pillars). Besides, they will be involved in cleaning the forest, preparing the plantation of saplings, water harvesting and gardening.
Daily tasks: A training workshop will be provided. Thereupon, numerous challenges will be identified as designing/experimenting/implementing numerous furniture design projects. A time bound project will be chosen for the volunteer in keeping with the community and bamboo Center's vision. The daily tasks can be devised by the volunteer accordingly.
Daily tasks: Create art works or permanent installations with natural materials found within the Botanical gardens or around Auroville. The works will interact with the visitors of the garden, aiming to have a certain environmental education value. The artworks will represent a link between ecology, education and art.
Daily tasks: Prepare and organize the children's activities - investigate and propose games, role games, activities and outings. S/he could realize one project like setting up a game space, upcycling and creating objects with waste material, gardening/landscaping, etc - involving in the many interactions with parents, creating a blog, exploring other activity based pedagogies.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Designing new textile patterns, garment design background. Working within the creative Upasana team.