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20 Opportunities for type : Data collection and interviews

Daily tasks: Long in advance before the performances' dates, these assistants will have to identify and categorize the various projected events related to the 50th Celebrations in preparation in Auroville - then visit their project holders and collect data about their expectations - some follow-up and coordination might be needed, and during the events, carrying surveys, counting attendance, and collecting feedback - finally, assisting Dave in the facilitation of a participatory evaluation workshop.
Daily tasks: The volunteer's mission is to facilitate the publication of a book on the activity of our unit, Coffee Ideas. This implies producing a digital document to promote our publication, working on budgeting and sponsorship strategies.
Daily tasks: Organising exixting data on various outreach programs conducted by Dental Centre- Collating information of the activities and photographs. Based on the above, to formulate social media message, emails, presentations and graphical representations and follow ups. To gather fund raising material.
at Savi
Daily tasks: Field work: contacting Units of Auroville; gather documents, info and data about their activities, their projects in the field of education and research; meeting coordinators, complete missing information; then in Savi office, compile info in Excel database.
Daily tasks: Sort informations from documents already existing and formatting them on computer. Writing work. Investigation work on site in order to learn about the projects existing in AV.
Daily tasks: Carry out interviews with health practitioners : find out the modalities of each one's practice, its lengths, purposes, benefits...Write 2-3 pages of text of each, analysing the practices and not the individuals. Two or three interviews should be scheduled per week.