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12 Opportunities for type : Educational resource design

at Kalvi
Daily tasks: Any combination of the following - support in games sessions with children adults/elderly) - to take part in research and documentation of the sessions -production (actual making of the materials for sales) - making,/managing the website -managing the facebook page - documenting sessions through photography and/or film - helping to make films/animations on education -graphic design
Daily tasks: Develop educational materials and games, project implementation in the domain of education on sustainable waste management. This can include the implementation of our Garbology 101 educational kit or engaging campaigns that target waste, training local school teachers, waste audits, presentations, overall coordination and communication.
Daily tasks: Help in designing new products for our social enterprise, training and fine tuning the women in making the new and existing products, managing the production, preparing the catologue and promotional materials and if possible help in marketing.
Daily tasks: Production of a variety of communication educational materials and games: visual, or audio-visual... Work on graphics, illustration, new games, educational materials, creating presentations, designing reports and doing short films.
Daily tasks: Team work with web designer and creative designer. Layouts for Books, audio and video. Take responsibility for bringing projects to completion. eg multi-language dictionary with sketches/paintings by AV artist. Systems co-ordination. Page layouts and design,