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Development and Support

Duration: 4 months

Daily Tasks

The activities at the farm is diverse. The following are the main activities where the volunteer could potentially get involved. Rice cultivation- manual field work and machine use; Dairy-animal husbandry and cow shed maintenance; Food processing-Dairy, cheese-making & fruit ; Farm infrastructure- repair, maintenance and development ; Farm management- Coordinating and supporting the daily tasks at the farm; Forest and related activities; Farm public relations- communication, social media, marketing and fund-raising.

Skills gained

The volunteer will have a glimpse into the working of a large scale mechanized farm oriented towards providing healthy food for community. The volunteer can hope to learn about the sustainable practices employed in the farm to ensure the natural balance of the its natural environment. The volunteer can also expect to have an in-depth knowledge of the field in which he/she chooses to explore for the duration of the volunteering.

Opportunity Description


Context of the need

People involved in the farm are expected to be committed to their task, but at the same time the farm strives to be a progressive environment for personal growth for individuals involved in the process. Since its inception in 1986 many people have passed through Annapurna and have left their footprint.

Initially we expect a volunteer to work with us and participate in the ongoing process. Once a person has grounded we are keen to give him/her space to contribute their skill and follow their own interest in the context of our reality. In this way the farm shapes itself organically through the people involved.

Conditions and practical details:

Accomodation & food : There are some lodgings available at the farm for volunteers, but is subject to availability. Lunch is prepared at the community kitchen for core team members and volunteers. Short term volunteers are requested to pay 300rs as a contribution for lodging, food and laundry. Necessary support can be offered to long term volunteers depending on the type of engagement at the farm

Commute to Auroville: Annapurna is situated half an hour ride away from Auroville at the edge of an industrial estate. The volunteer is expected to arrange a motorbike or a bicycle if he/ she would like to commute to Auroville regularly



Morning hours 7.00 to 12.30, Monday to Friday.
Afternoon hours 14.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.


Some experience in farming or farm related activities can be an asset. While some work at the farm can be technical and require technical knowledge in that field of work, some jobs are simple hands on work and do not require any technical skills. Willingness to do physical or manual work outdoors; occasionally if not regularly. English is mandatory. Tamil can be advantageous, although not mandatory for certain fields of work Ability to work dynamically & independently within a team of people from rural backgrounds

Language skills

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 3


Mentor: Tomas
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: +91 9489693801