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Collaborating with a Women Empowerment Project

Duration: 2 months

Daily Tasks

Different activities/helping hand can be identified ranging from paper cutting ,card board cutting ,  gluing , trimming, painting etc. The WELL women will decide the timing of your gradual stages of involvement in the production. Many additional opportunities can also be taken up at WELL by the volunteer with  gardening, compound maintenance, store room help, packing and parceling help, photos up loading, empowerment classes etc.  A volunteer is also free to explore other activities and suggest new ideas of generating income for the WELL women empowerment program.

Skills gained

Mutual fulfillment of the time shared together. Understanding the Well Paper philosophy and taking a part of it with you practicing/promoting it wherever you go. Opportunity to be part of Women empowerment program. For long term volunteers, depending on their ability and growth of mutual trust, the WELL women could include them into the scheduled routine activities with skills like weaving ,coiling or papier mache. Or helping in the responsibilities of maintenance of office / store room / packaging units.

Opportunity Description


Context of the need

WELL Paper organises income generating opportunities for women in the villages near Auroville, thereby making them independent and empowering them to take business decisions and run the unit.

For more information, please click on the link WEll Paper.

Come and visit us and see the fluctuation and movement of duties and decide on the help needed like a lot of  other volunteers and apprentices who pass by our unit and are more then happy for their experience of WELL paper.
Well paper are very welcoming to volunteers from India and all over the world. The Well women are very experienced in collaborating and working together regardless of any language barrier . They claim it is one of their highlights to interact with volunteers and to share ,learn ,teach  , host and create together.


Goal and expected outcomes

First 4 -7 days you are an observer learning by watching and mingling with the women and the flow of the work routine. During this time you will gain a first hand experience and develop insight into the philosophy and practices at WELL Paper. Likewise the well women staff  gets a chance to observe and get to know you, creating a base for mutual trust and future involvement.
 Position and role of  the Volunteer
Our slot for volunteering is wide and open and we have the philosophy of listening and tailoring the slot as per person and  availability ; though in keeping with the overall vision of WELL Paper.

 Conditions and practical details

 Lunch will be provided to volunteers on work days.  (after the observation/probation period is over. And for volunteers with a commitment of working a minimum 3 days a week at WELL)



Morning hours 9am - 12.30pm
Afternoon hours 1.30pm to 5pm


Human acceptance ,transparency , open communication, equality and non-judgmental collaboration, all across cultures, willing to share, living and working/creating together, developing direct human relationship. A willingness to cross over all cultural and language barriers and develop an understanding and respect for warm local hospitality.

Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Computer required



Mentor: WELL Paper
Email: [email protected]