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Data Analyst

Duration: 3 months

Opportunity Description

Auroville Art service is supporting the art and culture in Auroville, creating platforms for artistic research, looking for funds to make possible the cultural events and it also provides an online presence to Auroville based on artists, projects, art galleries and art events taking place in Auroville.

Goal: To help in the Digital Analysis of Auroville Art Service online presence.

Role of the volunteer: As a  self motivated team member, he /she will be handling the digital analysis of our online presence. Identify the patterns of growth of Auroville art serivce's digital initiatives. To do market research and logistic analysis of our creative works online. Knowledge of any free software for data analysis is an added advantage. 

Conditions and practical details: The volunteer should have their own infrastructures like a computer and internet for this work. Twice a meeting with the mentors in Auroville art service is mandatory.

Duration: Minimum duration is 2 months but the volunteer is welcome to stay longer (Non-Indians must be aware of the visa conditions)




Morning hours
Afternoon hours


Knowledge of any free software for data analysis is an added advantage

Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Computer required



Mentor: Krishna
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: 0413 2623187