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Development of resources for Integral Education

Duration: 3 months

Daily Tasks

Any combination of the following: - support in games sessions with children adults/elderly - to take part in research and documentation of the sessions - making,/managing the website, managing the facebook page - marketing and sales - documenting sessions through photography and/or film - helping to make films/animations on education -graphic design of educational materials - accounting - webdesign - take part in development of online teachers training

Skills gained

An insight into Integral Education and participate in the research and design.

Opportunity Description

Context of need:

Most of the educational resources available in the world are designed for the traditional way of teaching and learning that has its roots in the industrial revolution. A new way of education can not emerge without new tools, new ways of organising learning, and ways to meet and follow each individual child in their development.

Such an education needs to be looked at through a different lens, and educational materials need to be designed in a new light and with a deeper purpose. Today the gap is there because the people who are dedicated to working with children still lack the educational materials that will enable a shift in the whole system – from teacher centred to child-centred and self directed learning, from societies grouping of children by ages and levels to an education that follows the individual development, needs and interests of each child, from a teacher teaching a group of children on a specific topic to children

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Role of the volunteer:

To as a member of our team take part in some of our different areas of work. We are a small team and need to add more human resources and skills to take this work forward.

Goals and expectations:

We need help with many areas of work and are happy for the support we can get in moving forward in these different areas. The goals and the outcomes would differ depending on the tasks/areas of work that the volunteer would engage in.

Conditions and practical details:

Lunch could be provided at discounted rates.



Morning hours 9 - 12 am
Afternoon hours 2pm-5pm


An interest in education. Punctuality, patience, flexibility, creativity, sense of perfection in work, to bring a positive energy and attitude, to work in a team.

Language skills

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 2