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ERP Process Analyst

Duration: 12 months

Daily Tasks

  • Analyse and formalise existing processes.
  • Acquire and update the deepest expertise on ERP modules.
  • Setup ERP to match as best as possible new ‘Targeted Processes’ Set up methods and tools for high quality data input.
  • Provide key users with training and support.
  • Test and validate new revisions of software with key users.
  • Track and report bugs, finding workarounds until bugs are fixed.
  • Do ”light” ERP customizations (screens, reports, dashboards…)
  • Set up administration of users, profiles, access rights
  • Train managers in using the system
  • Continuously update and create documentation for ERP knowledge base

Skills gained

Further insight into ERP and Auroville

Opportunity Description

Context or the need 

In light of the need for Auroville to keep up with the times, to improve unit management and production processes, supported by adapted software. A relatively new project in Auroville needs skilled contributors beyond what is normally found within the community – but we are open to those already here too if the profile matches

Position and Role of the Volunteer

ERP Process Analyst

Goal & expected outcome

To analyse, document and optimize, in cooperation with managers and key users, existing processes and to match them with the process requirements of key Auroville units involved with the project (first priority food distribution units). To formalize new ‘Targeted Required Processes’ as expressed by units, orienting them toward ERP features as well as streamlining processes and building best practices. To organize the standardization of master data coding (products, suppliers...) and to train users.

Conditions & Support

  • volunteer contribution for Aurocard.
  • lunch – Solar Kitchen or other scheme.
  • Dinner – some expenses covered.
  • Lodging – can cover cost for, within reason.
  • Vehicle – e.g. Kinsi scheme or fuel reimbursement



Morning hours half days/ full days /weekdays/ Saturdays and 9-12am /2-5pm etc..)
Afternoon hours


Very good English speaking and writing, Tamil a plus but not a necessity. A deep understanding of business processes and change management. Hands on experience of related computer applications. Having mastered ERP system features, if within ERPNext or similar, a plus. Eager to learn and to share knowledge, in particular through training users. Team spirit as well as ability to work independently. Keen to work in an Auroville service capacity, which will also offer the opportunity to understand the community on a deeper level. Readiness to commit longterm, with much scope for growth and increase in remuneration if turned into regular employment

Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 1