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Farming Volunteer

Duration: 2 months

Daily Tasks

To help in the daily activities of the farm- weeding, composting, mulching, preparing beds, work in the nursery, planting, harvesting, pruning, shredding etc.

Skills gained

Growing food, working with people, seasonal activities on a farm, understanding how soil health is connected to individual and social health.

Opportunity Description

We are growing a diversity of fruits and vegetables on the farm. We are looking for people interested in working on the land, learning about soil health and food and caring for these growing areas.

Role and Expectations

That the volunteers commit to working regularly in the garden and learn key skills required for farming. Depending on their interest they can take particular areas of work and develop their knowledge in them.




Morning hours Monday to Saturday, 7 am - 12 pm. A simple breakfast made from fresh farm produce is served during the break from 9- 9.30 am.
Afternoon hours


Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Computer required


Number of volunteers needed: 10


Mentor: Auroorchard Mentor
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: 9882685365