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Impact Analysis & promotion of water-fountains in villages

Duration: 12 months

Daily Tasks

Help implementating a pilot project in a vulnerable village of the Aurovillebio-region, in cooperation with local stake holders. • Analyze the local social and economic context and measure the impact of the installation of an Aqua Dyn water fountain in the village: guidelines, methodology and indicators; data collection, analysis, and restitution. • Produce narrative reports. • Duplicate this action/methodology on other Aqua Dyn spots. Make proposals for educational programs & attractive communication on Aqua Dyn water distribution spots. Help in the development of the Aqua Dyn’s fundraising strategy.

Skills gained

You will learn how to handle pilot projects in villages including interacting with the involved parties, implementing an impact measurement process as well as developing the necessary educational and external communication tools. You will learn how to identify and attract potential financial donors. impact measurement management, coordination, synthesis skills, cross-cultural management, operational communication, fundraising, advocacy. It is also an opportunity to learn about a cutting-edge water technology in a unique Auroville Unit and learn about life in South India.

Opportunity Description


Context of the need:

The goal of this mission is to help scaling up the development of Aqua Dyn’s humanitarian and ecological action in vulnerable Indian villages.

Please click on the link Aqyadyn for more information.

Role of Volunteer

It involves being able to measure and professionally report on how the Aqua Dyn water fountains in villages are perceived by the population in terms of health, ecology, social and economics.

It also involves developing adequate educational and communication supports that facilitate raising funds.

Conditions and practical details

Volunteer contribution to Auroville will be covered by Aqua Dyn.

Tea offered at the office.

AquaDyn Auroville is happy to provide a letter of Acceptance and a Certificate of Participation at the end of the mission.



Morning hours 10:00am – 1:00pm
Afternoon hours 3:30pm-6:30pm


Master degree level compulsory in Business, Communication, or Art. Excellent communication skill in English (written and spoken). 3-5 years of experience in Project Management. Previous experience in a multidisciplinary, multicultural context is a plus. Eager to work in a small and international team. Motivated by water, wellbeing, and health. Autonomous, rigorous, with a strong sense of analysis and a solid solution-finder spirit. Ability to drive motorbikes for regular visits on spots.

Language skills

Software skills

No Software Specified


Mentor: Maurice
Email: [email protected]