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Marketing executive

Duration: 3 months

Daily Tasks

Marketing, social media updates, Travelling to the Bioregion with Arun once in a while

Skills gained

Social media marketing, communication skills, teamwork, Sociology, Creativity, Tamil Language and the History of each product.

Opportunity Description


We have created this platform to support the Artisan of our Bioregion, but in order to reach the customers, we need a volunteer to help us with digital marketing and SEO. Other than this, they could travel with Arun to different villages and see the products and how they are made

 Goal & expected outcome from the volunteer

  • The volunteers will have a great experience working with a young team like ours. 
  • The satisfaction and the happiness that we get, by lifting others who are in dire need of growth is what we say “Growth through Unity”.
  • Through the digital marketing and SEO skills they have, our sales can be boosted.
  • This experience is what we expect the outcome from the volunteers



Morning hours 9-12.30pm
Afternoon hours 2-5pm


Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 1


Mentor: Auro deniz
Email: [email protected]