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Medicinal Herbs Gardener

Duration: 6 months

Daily Tasks

General maintenance and upkeep of the forest Cleaning and clearing the forest Pruning the plants Prepare the trail path for Herbal walks Preparesignageand name tags for the herbs Identification of medicinal plants and their benefits Paint new sign boards Support the development of an indoor Herbal garden bed Planting seeds and saplings to grow more medicinal herbs for a patch garden

Skills gained

The volunteer can expect a whole new experience, learning about the healing medicines and grounding exercises whilst enjoying the Auroville community lifestyle. The volunteer will beinvolved in the Siddha medicine vision and will leave skilled in taking care of the medicinal plants witha better understanding of their uses, benefits and various methods of administering.

Opportunity Description



Need or context

We are seeking long term volunteers to help us activate our healing forest and Herbal garden. A commitment for 2 months or longer is required to be able to feel into and ground the potent energy of the forest and Auroville as well, and to be able to openly receive the wisdom from the plants.

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Role of the volunteer

Volunteers are mainly going to be involved in the forest with cleaning and maintenance tasks to prepare for the heritage walks and Herbal workshops to be held at the centre. We are also looking for volunteers with gardening skills to help create an indoor garden patch that can be utilised to source the herbs needed for treatments and or demonstrations during the  workshops.

Another important task to be undertaken is the replacement of our signage and name boards for the plants. Calling out artists who might be keen to come help us paint new sign boards for the forest and infuse this sacred land with their beautiful creative energy.

Goals and expected outcome

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain more knowledge and insights into plant medicine  and advance their spiritual growth under the care and guidance of Siddha traditions. Furthermore, it is an ideal environment to perpetuate a complete healing and detox of the mind~body~soul andtoexperience divine harmony with the nature of the Universe. All other outcomes are personaland dependent on the individual’sinterest and level of involvement along with their openness to receive the wisdom from their mentor and the plants of course.


Lodging will be provided at a minimal cost of Rs.6000/- per month. Basic, home cooked Indian meals (twice a day) may be provided for an additional fee for the volunteers.



Morning hours 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, for a minimum of 20 hours a week
Afternoon hours


We require those with good will, enthusiasm and positive energy. The volunteer should be aware that Martuvam is a self-support service unit and that he/she will be responsible for their own learning outcome. One is welcome to work according to one`s owns initiative and interest in the shared vision of the healing forest and its divine purpose and will be supported and encouraged by the mentor to tune into healing arts to deepen their understanding of their own spirit and purpose. All the information shared, received and learned is to be documented and collected by the management to be then carefully disseminated to the community at large and the right synergistic organisations and other outside groups. The volunteer is suggested to carry their own laptop and or other devices to aid note taking and recording all the necessary information on herbalism, Ayurveda, traditional Siddha medicine, organic farming, healing etc.

Language skills


Mentor: sivaraj
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: 9345454232