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Senior Care

Duration: 2 months

Daily Tasks

Assistance with meals, medicines, housework, and social care giving. Organizing transport, attendance, or treatment or clinic visits, shopping, social events in Auroville. To make sure of their weekly personal hygiene. Assisting for activity individually or in group, like yoga for elderly, brain gym, gymnastics, singing.

Skills gained

These people have so much to share about their experience. To learn how to help and give smart advices to people who have difficulties to manage their daily life. To learn about modesty, self-giving, and to see how it can benefit one's life: the receiver and the giver

Opportunity Description

Context of the need (for volunteer opportunity)

 We are looking for volunteers who feel like assisting a senior AV in their daily life which can be varying from social assistance in case the senior is mobile and just in need of a bit of assistance or be physical assistance with personal hygiene (bath, diapering), in this case training will be provided.

 Please click on the link Auroville Health Service (AVHS) for more details.

Position / Role of the Volunteer

 The volunteer should feel comfortable being with a senior person. We expect reliable, honest and trustworthy people as very often seniors are heavily dependent on the caregiver. We expect a close collaboration with the coordination of the home care.

Goal / expected outcome

Ideally both people involved feel good, the caregiver and the role received (senior). The volunteer can be of big help to bring in fresh stimulants for the whole team and gain an insight on how a growing and ageing community deals with its seniors and people with temporary need of assistance.


  • Meals: Yes

  • Tea: Yes

  • Compensation details: lunch at solar kitchen, petrol money in case needed



Morning hours
Afternoon hours


Good will, motivation, like to help others|Hygiene and social care skills|Nurse or elder care experience would be appreciated|Vision of service|Resonating with the vision of Auroville.

Language skills

No Languages Specified

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 3