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ILION Activity

ILION Activity


History and today’s organisation

Up to now, the hidden meaning of the Greek Mythology and more generally of all ancient mythologies has not been revealed.

Claude has been working on the interpretation of Greek mythology for more than thirty years in relation with Sri Aurobindo‘s and the Mother’s writings. He discovered the coding keys and this mythology was found to be nothing but an amazing illustration of the spiritual journey. Through the adventures of the heroes, the goals, difficulties, dead ends, mistakes and dangers of the spiritual path are described.

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The time has come to disseminate this knowledge more widely using all available supports, as an introduction to Sri Aurobindo‘s and the Mother’s writings. An activity was created in Auroville for that purpose one year ago. At present there are 4 Aurovillians working in the activity.


Vision and Missions

The time has come to disseminate this knowledge more widely and Claude needs people to help him in this task. Current activities include preparing a one hour film documentary, website development, research, translations, etc;


Leaders & Team

Claude is the manager. Four Aurovillians work with him on the above mentioned activities


Opportunities at ILION Activity

Daily tasks:
Will be precised later on with the manager.

skills/capacities/experience required

Good skill in English comprehension and writing, capacity of synthesis, being truly passionate and self motivated, deep interest in symbolism and spiritual journey