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Aurogreen Farms

History and today’s organisation.

Aurogreen is one of the oldest Auroville farms. It lies in the Green Belt, on the northeast side of the city. The farm was started it in 1975 by Charlie and is now being managed by Charlie and Shanmugam. It covers about 30 acres of which 1.5 acres are being cultivated with irrigation.

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Vision and Missions

To grow fruits and vegetable organically.


Leaders & Team

Poineered by Charlie and supported by Shanmugam is a team of 6 memebers.


Opportunities at Aurogreen Farms

Daily tasks: All work varies according to the season. Activities linked to agriculture: preparing nurseries, planting, weeding, harvesting, seed collecting, composting beds and trees and making new compost, processing fruits (solar dryer) Activities linked to dairy: cleaning sheds & animals, cutting fodder, mixing feed, feeding adult animals and calves, making cheese, distributing milk, helping with medical treatment of animals Activities linked to farm maintenance: repairing fences and bunds and internal roads Activities linked to forest plots: pruning, harvesting dead trees, planting new trees