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JIVA Auroville


INCEPTION was in 2017

Vision and Missions

a platform for all Auroville workshops in health, food, therapy, yoga etc.

Leaders & Team

Christine Pauchard, Caroline Cohen and Sigird.
HolisticSigrid is a subunit, with 3 members of HolisticSigrid, plus 4 members who have their own units. We hope to add 2 more soon. workshops, therapy sessions are organised and majorly promoted through JIVA social media, website, and Auroville contacts


Opportunities at JIVA Auroville

Daily tasks:

Coming to work with horses and children 5 afternoons (incl weekend) 4.30 – 6.30pm, helping children connect, brush, and experience sitting safely on the 4 ponies and 3 horses.

Coming for 2 hrs per day to take care of the horses  - taking them to the fields, shower, brush. No hard physical work is expected, but oversight and empathy with the 7 horses

Daily tasks:

Updating facebook 2x week, sending weekly newsletter, designing adds for online platforms, as well as discussing with Aurovilian venues, or visiting potential collaborations in Bangalore, Chennai, Sri Lanka etc.