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House of Harmony

House of Harmony

History and today’s organisation.

Manusa jewellery started as an activity under the name House of Harmony in 2013. There are simple and affordable fashion jewellery handmade  using ceramic, glass, crystal beads and German silver articles of antique patterns, in silver, gold colours. Each jewel is individually designed and hand made with passion.  we are also exploring the possibility of having copper jewellery which is presently added in our collections in a small percentage.
‘House of Harmony’ was launched to represent three things:
1. Economic sustainability that would lead to material contribution to Auroville
2. Practicing the concept of all life is yoga by engaging in Creativity.
3. Exploring self expression in creation

Vision and Missions

To express dormant energy into creativity, blending traditional know-how in to chic and contemporary fashion accessories.


Leaders & Team

Vinodhini joined Auroville in 2000 as a young lawyer.  While she still continues her legal work, she found joy of discovering meditation in creation of jewellery .


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