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History and today’s organisation:

 Started in 2015, to offer services to support the implementation of Intergral Education, in Auroville and beyond. It is a small unit offering service to teachers in Auroville as well as outside Auroville.

Some of its current activities are; didactic materials development, consulting and workshops in the field of education, research and development in the area of Integral Education.

  • Development of new educational materials.
  • Weekly sessions with children (and plans to start sessions for all ages and for elderly) as a part of our research.
  • Research documentation.
  • Production and sales of educational materials (making the materials, cutting, gluing, printing, etc.)
  • Running a face book page and websites.
  • Documenting and sharing our work with children through photos/film.
  • Early stages of planning to make and run a website.

Vision and Missions:

An Integral Education as envisioned by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is a education through which the individual is offered the opportunities to develop the different faculties of consciousness – vital, body, thinking, seeing, hearing and speaking. It is an education based on three principles of learning “Nothing can be taught”, “The mind must be consulted in its growth” and “From the near to the far”.

Our aim is to give support to teachers in the development and implementation of Integral Education.

By researching, designing producing and sharing educational materials designed to support the implementation of Integral Education we want to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We would like to offer online courses to people in the field of education (children, parents and teachers) to share this with people all over the world. In Auroville we can offer this support in a more hands on and practical way, to support new educational materials and ways of organisation being introduced in our schools.

Leaders & Team:

Maya – Education specialist with many years experience in the field.  Specialised in educational material design and designing for self directed independent learning and exploration. Focusing mainly on production, marketing, material develop development, face book, and accounts.

Paula- Many years experience in Auroville schools. Background in research. Focusing mainly on sessions with children, research and documentation of these, and materials development based on the interactions and feedback from the children. Support with production. Deepening in the possibilities of youtube as a means to reach the wider world.



Location:Gaia Community, Auroville

Opportunities at Kalvi

at Kalvi
Daily tasks: Any combination of the following: - support in games sessions with children adults/elderly - to take part in research and documentation of the sessions - making,/managing the website, managing the facebook page - marketing and sales - documenting sessions through photography and/or film - helping to make films/animations on education -graphic design of educational materials - accounting - webdesign - take part in development of online teachers training