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Nandanam Kindergarten

History and today’s organisation:

Nandanam Kindergarten started in 2003 as a need of the growing community of Auroville. It already existed sharing the space with another Aurovillian primary school, but the campus was not big enough  to hold both. 

Nandanam kindergarten moved to a little hut with very basic infrastructure, and thanks to tremendous fundraising efforts over years, it has evolved to a beautiful building and campus.

Vision and Missions:

Nandanam Kindergarten aspires to provide an enriching environment and offer activities that may help the integral development of the children. It also aspires to accommodate the individual needs of the children and provide them space for free exploration so that they may gradually take more initiative for their learning experience and feel the joy of self discovery and the discovery of the world around them.

Leaders & Team

The teachers in the school are Aurovillians, Newcomers and some long term volunteers who resonate with the Charter of Auroville and attempt to manifest it in their lives according to their understanding and their capacities. The community of Auroville is like a big family where children are always welcome. There are many field trips where the children explore their community and also, sometimes, community members are invited  to the school to share with the children their skills.


Location:Centerfield, Auroville

Internal affiliation: Under SAIER

Opportunities at Nandanam Kindergarten

Daily tasks: Help in the preparation of the art and craft and educational materials. Planning and making a program once a week with the main teacher. Assist the teacher in the school hours. Attend a weekly meeting with all the school teachers on Mondays after the children have left.