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Pour Tous Distribution Centre

Pour Tous Distribution Centre

A cooperative at the service of residents for everyday life consumption


History and Today’s organization:

In the early days of Auroville, the need for a service dedicated to supplying Aurovilians with what they needed in their various fields of activity was felt strongly. Warmly encouraged by the Mother, a handful of residents led by Clare Fanning, started to implement the concept of a service providing for food and basic supplies, with no circulation of cash. ” FOR ALL / Pour Tous” effectively opened for service on February 28th 1974. A small percentage was taken to support the work, but prices were never raised above the actual Pondicherry purchase prices. 
Todays it acts as a distribution centre for a wide range of food items, ready-made meals to take away and other goods supplied in kind. 


 Vision & Missions:

 The ideal Auroville economic model is not to turn Auroville into a market economy and make a business of everything but one in which the material needs of all would be provided for without money circulation. Based on a cooperative participation, Aurovilians, Newcomers and volunteers sign up with a regular monthly contribution. Products available are selected based on criteria such as demand, quality, costs and environmental impact.

Many participants experience great joy in sharing and giving. Some make donations of home-made food or bring excess produce from their gardens. A common experience is that it no longer matters that there is only a limited choice of products.


Leaders & Team:

A team of 15 is running the service now.


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