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Handicrafts using natural drieds flowers, seeds and paper


History and Today’s Organization:

Created in 1980, Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit of Auroville, using dried flowers, seeds and pods grown on site, as well as handmade paper and organic products to produce cards and decorative objects. 

Vision & Missions:

Shradhanjali is committed to using environmentally friendly processes and techniques throughout the its production. Our building and production techniques are using minimal natural resources. All steps from growing plants the their drying, decorative pasting and packaging are done by hand with organic methods. 

At Shradhanjali, we endeavour to participate in the Auroville adventure fully, in which work is a means to express oneself, by continuing to work towards perfection in our products, in our relationship with our employees and buyers, and in using the environment in a sustainable manner. 

Leaders & Team: 

Led by Abha, Shradhanjali aims to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for the young village women it employs. 





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