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Unity Pavilion

Unity Pavilion

A space dedicated to ongoing research in human unity. A catalyst for the development of the International Zone


History and Today’s organization: 

Built in 2002, The Unity Pavilion has since then provided a space for research and gathering, acting as a catalyst for the development of the International Zone of Auroville and research relating to human unity. 


Vision & Missions:

The Unity Pavilion’s objective is to promote human unity and unity in diversity based on the ideals of Auroville. The Unity Pavilion works in various ways towards this objective : 
• Supporting and promoting activities and events of the International Zone and the National Pavilion Groups.

The legal status of National Pavilions are therefore projects under Unity Pavilion, with the exception of Indian Pavilion (Bharat Nivas) and Pavilion of Tibetan Culture.

• Supporting activities and events including working group meetings within Auroville, which works towards more harmonious interactions and development.
• Supporting interaction of young people from all over the world in Auroville.
• The Hall of Peace and the work around the Peace table of Asia, as well as peace research connected to this.
• Research based on unity and from there developing tools supporting and enabling a new society to take birth.

Leaders & Team: 

A team of 7 people overlooks the activity of the Unity Pavilion that houses a number of  Auroville working groups as well as Savi’s office, the service for volunteers. 


Location:International Zone

Opportunities at Unity Pavilion

Daily tasks: Research within Auroville and on the internet on organizational development, tools, body work and art relevant to the subject. Be part of setting up and executing events or workshops on this topic. Interact with Aurovilians from many fields to undertake the research. Create documentation material from the research, written or visual material. Work closely with the team of Unity Pavillion.