Volunteer experiences

Marina, volunteering until August 2016, published a movie on YouTube about her experience.

Visa Formalities

These lines address visa matters for non-Indians coming for study, training, or volunteering.

Keep your smile, as this is a very serious matter…

Official formalities for foreign nationals

The Immigration Services of India, through their regional offices (Foreigner Regional Registration Office FRRO), control how and who can stay on the Indian territory (there is such an FRRO office in Pondicherry – see https://boi.gov.in/ ).

Tourist visa holders may visit Auroville, they can participate in classes, workshops and some other activities. “Business Visa” and “Employment visa” are not accepted by Auroville for volunteering.

Researchers, interns and volunteers from a foreign country wishing to perform a long term (6-12 months) educational stay or experience in Auroville may apply for an “X- Entry” visa, which requires a formal process of recommendation issued by Auroville.

The Visa recommendation is done for 6 months or 12 months only.

See also Visa application process.

Indian citizens, OCI holders, Nepalese and Bhutanese are welcome to apply for voluntary service and study/internship of 2 months minimum.