This area contains the following activities:

  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Cinema & documentaries
  • Music & dance

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Culture & Arts

“The first and lowest use of art is the purely aesthetic, the second is the intellectual or educative, the third is the spiritual”, as pointed out by Sri Aurobindo.

The artistic and cultural life of Auroville is intense, one has always a large choice for music & dance performances, art exhibition and installations, films projections, choirs, and cultural events.

Find below a list of Auroville units involved in Arts and Culture. However, there is a limited number of opportunities for internship or voluntary mission available, as many of these activities are undertaken by individuals. 

Explore Auroville Units

Not all of the following units are presently offering learning opportunities, only those who provide Internship or Voluntary Missions (IV), Training possibilities (T) or Research Projects (R) are interactive links. Click on the Unit name to know more.

Visual Arts

  • Kala Kendra
  • Kala Khoj

Performing Arts

  • Auroville Artists Group
  • Center for Research In Performing Arts (CRIPA)

Events & Exhibitions

Cinema & documentaries

  • Aurofilm
  • Multimedia Centre

Music & dance

  • Auroville Choir
  • Auroville Dance Group
  • Mohanam Cultural Centre