Our friends and partners

Auroville has many friends around the world!

Our support associations of Auroville International (AVI) 

Since long, the local groups of AVI members dedicate steady efforts in giving information, fundraising, advising and supporting Auroville projects and activities. They are present in more than 30 countries through centers and liaison groups. (see detailed description in the AVI page).

External educational institutions and universities

A number of western Universities brings regularly groups of students to Auroville for field research and practicums, which are included in their curriculum and accreditation system.
American University of Paris (France), associated with Linnaeus University (Sweden)
Queens University (Canada)
Washington University (USA)

Associations of International Volunteers

Weltwaerts brings young German nationals to Auroville for a 1 year stay.

Service Civique brings young French nationals to Auroville for a 1 year stay.