Volunteer experiences

Marina, volunteering until August 2016, published a movie on YouTube about her experience.

Auroville visa policy

Due to its international dimension, Auroville benefits from an exceptional policy for visa (see http://www.auroville.org/contents/2884).
As an extended facility, foreigners intending long-term voluntary service or internship, can apply for Entry visa under the condition to produce a letter of recommendation signed by the Auroville Foundation.

This means that the Auroville Foundation extends its guarantee normally reserved to its permanent residents to foreigners who come temporarily. The counterpart of this protection entails obligations of complying with formalities, such as:

  • registering in the RRO of Pondicherry within 14 days upon arrival if duration of stay exceeds 180 days
  • signing an agreement with an Auroville activity at the admission
  • residing only inside Auroville
  • responding to a monthly reporting

Westerners sometimes do not realize the implications of this policy for Auroville and underestimate its requirements.
Take this matter seriously and make a conscious use of the visa obtained from the Auroville Foundation, it has a great value and requires a lot of work!