Our team

We are a team of Aurovilians and newcomers, working for Savi, a service for students, researchers, volunteers and well wishers attracted by an Auroville experience. Along the years we have created an extensive database of learning opportunities, hands-on activities, volunteering and research. A large spectrum of services is offered to facilitate life and cooperation, and help Auroville’s teams make a better use of skilled and motivated people.


Savi also collaborates with organizations interested in student exchanges, such as Weltwaerts and Service Civique. Savi supports and assists interns, volunteers, and researchers in their various needs throughout their stay.

Savi is legally registered under LEAD (Learn Experience And Develop), a unit under the Auroville Foundation.

More info on Savi.

Saranya, Visa registration and Accounts

Sivakumar , Webmaster & Partnership Management

Former members

Our team is dynamically evolving, many people have been part of the Savi team for short or long periods. 

Thank you all for being part of Savi and making us grow:

Chieko (Newcomer) 2015

Andrey (Volunteer from Ukraine) 2015

Veronique (Aurovilian) 2015

Karen (Volunteer from the Netherlands) 2015

Shraddha (Volunteer from Pune – India) 2016


Julien (Aurovilian) 2013

Coco (Aurovilian) 2014

Laura (Aurovilian) 2015

Sabine (Aurovilian) 2015

Charly (Aurovilian) 2015-16

Boomi (Aurovilian) 2015 – 2020