VIP – Volunteer Introduction Program

A 4-day discovery journey in Auroville

  • This program is designed for you to live for 4 days a concentrated experience of the outstanding diversity of Auroville ground realities;
  • We’ll explore Auroville history, bio-region life, spiritual insights, environmental projects, educational activities and much more.
  • On Saturdays, we organize a potluck to have a sharing moment.
  • You will visit projects on site and meet dedicated Aurovilians, eat together and have some fun too.
  • Bear in mind that the program requires your full commitment and attendance all along the VIP Program.
  • Lunches are shared together in different Auroville’s Restaurants.
  • We organize this program in order for the volunteers to meet each other and connect to the diverse reality and multiple projects that Auroville has.