Auroville residents are legally defined by the Government of India as “honorary voluntary worker” of Auroville; in the same spirit, temporary residents coming from outside to participate and learn from Auroville are welcome as long as they remain aligned with its ideals and values. Hereafter are some guidelines on the conditions to integrate harmoniously in the community as a volunteer, a student/intern or researcher.


Volunteers from India and foreign countries must register at Town Hall or Guesthouses, and have an Aurocard. Volunteering registration and visa registration are done at Savi office; a Registration form is filled out and signed by the hosting place.


Volunteer and Newcomer are different statuses: they are sequential (one after the other), and managed by different working groups: Savi for volunteers, Entry service for newcomers (see details in the Volunteer or Newcomer page).

Compliance with Indian regulations

Foreigners must have a valid passport, and a visa in accordance with the Auroville Visa policy as recommended by the Auroville Foundation. (See details in Visa Application Process)


Residing in Auroville guesthouses and housing is mandatory, except during the touristic season. Any change of housing must be reported.


All activities, productive or service-oriented, must be part of the overall Auroville framework and follow the Auroville policies. There must be no remunerated work or financial gain through volunteers’ assistance in whatever organization.


All financial transactions should take place through the official channels of Auroville. Volunteers and Interns are self-supporting and do not get any salary for their work. In the same way Aurovilian residents give a contribution for the common welfare of Auroville, a financial contribution of 900 Rupees per month is required from all Volunteers.

Special conditions for long term stays

If you plan to come as a volunteer for more than 180 days, or if your internship plan requires a special recommendation from Auroville, please read the page Long term stays.

Auroville emergency contact numbers

Auroville Safety and Security Team- 9443090107/ [email protected]

Ambulance – Auroville 9442224680

-PIMS 041326556271

Emergency Service in India: 108