Volunteer and Newcomer: what are the differences?


At the end of a Volunteering period, one might decide to join Auroville and become a resident: a process of progressive integration may take place: becoming a “Newcomer” is a different status from that of Volunteer, and entails specific aspects.

More info on joining Auroville: http://www.auroville.org/contents/93





Who to contact


To volunteer in Auroville, contact Savi and fill in an application on this website.



To become a newcomer, make an appointment with Auroville’s Entry Service for a preliminary interview before starting the Newcomer process.



Explore and participate, during a temporary time frame, in an Auroville activity, to understand the Auroville project.


Join the Auroville project to become a permanent resident of Auroville.



From 6 months to 1 year, under X Entry visa (submitted to Auroville Foundation agreement).

No “Employment visa” nor “Business” accepted by Auroville Foundation


Foreigners may come under Tourist visa for a first exploration of Auroville; When they confirm their intention to apply for the Newcomer process, Entry service helps them to get the needed recommendation from the Auroville Foundation (after proper admission and visit to the Secretary). 



A volunteer is self-supported: transport, food, lodging and other costs are his/her responsibility, unless special arrangements with the hosting unit. Has to pay a Volunteer contribution (900 Rs per month).


A Newcomer is self supported: s/he has to sustain his/her own livelihood. Has to pay once 10.000 Rs as admin fee, + a flight ticket deposit in Unity Fund if coming from abroad. An Auroville contribution of 3400 Rs/month is paid by all residents and newcomers to sustain the overall expenses of the township.



Liability and repatriation insurance strongly recommended.


A private health insurance is strongly recommended.

Suspension or interruption


All users of an X visa cannot leave more than 2 weeks without informing Savi. In case of premature departure or change of unit, a prior notice to Savi and Auroville Foundation is mandatory.


All users of an X visa cannot leave more than 2 weeks without informing Entry Service and Residents Service.

Transition from Volunteer to Newcomer


A volunteer may apply for the Newcomer process with Entry Service 3 months from arrival. 


An applicant who needs a longer stay to strengthen his/her understanding of Auroville may be invited to do a voluntary service as Volunteer before starting the Newcomer process.