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History & Today’s organization

AuroYali, a unit under KattidaKalai Trust of Auroville foundation, has been providing its services in the field of construction with an aim of going sustainable, green and eco-friendly.

These services range from architectural designing, landscaping, mud block making, building construction, mechanical fabrication, electrical, plumbing, carpentry works, painting as well as solar energy systems.  It specializes in the construction of mud blocks, CSEB (Compressed and Stabilized Earth Blocks) for considering environment, and cost effective construction and we have now emerged as one of the largest producers of these blocks.

AuroYali focuses on few ecological construction techniques:

  • Compressed Stabilized Earth block production.
  • Rammed earth construction.
  • Ferro-cement construction
  • Bamboo in construction
  • Use of Oxides in construction (IPS flooring)
  • Use of Reclaimed wood in construction and furniture’s.


We also provide a variety of services in:

  • Workshops for individuals or group of Architect / Engineering students and interested people.
  • Architectural design.
  • Complete building construction.


Vision & Missions

AuroYali is a unit of Auroville and it works to manifest a new consciousness in the field of construction. It wants to develop itself into a model organization providing multi-disciplinary services and products necessary to construction projects.

Our goal is to produce construction products and projects with a commitment to the high standards of perfection befitting the aesthetic and spiritual ideas of Auroville.


Leaders & Team

AuroYali team has more than 15 persons working in the production of compressed and stabilized earth blocks, about 120 people working directly in construction (masons, painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.), 15 persons working as office staff (Architects, Civil engineers, contractor, manager, accountants and interns), and about 10 site supervisors.

Location: International zone, Kottakarai, Auroville.


Location:International zone, Kottakarai, Auroville.

Opportunities at Auroyali

Daily tasks: Going regularly to the sites and getting information and pictures about the construction or production process to update the website. Create a brochure about CSEB production and usage on construction. Assist with the organisation of workshops about our constructing techniques once or twice per month.